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The Constitution

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Club Rules

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Mission Statement

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Safety Assessments

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Our Club Rules

1. The Club shall be known as The Tadpoles. Other terms used are defined in the Constitution.

2. All Tadpoles must furnish a Tadpoles Application Form duly signed by a Doctor or qualified Physiotherapist stating fitness to partake of recreational activities in the water.

3. The Committee reserve the right to ask for a renewal of such medical certificate annually or when it is considered desirable e.g. illness or a change in a member’s diagnosis.

4. Swimming facilities shall be for members only or such other persons at the discretion of the Session Leader.

5. Membership fee paid annually shall be £2.00.

6. Swim session fee paid on arrival to each session shall be £1.

7. The financial year shall end on the 31st March each year.

8. The Club’s Bank shall be chosen by the Treasurer to provide the most appropriate facilities.

9. No member is allowed to enter the water on Club night without the permission of the Session Leader and must leave when requested to do so.

10. The Session Leader shall appoint a deputy on any occasion of their inability to be present at Tadpoles Swimming Club sessions. The deputy shall enjoy the same powers and be governed by the same rules as the Session Leader.

11. All members are to follow Freedom Leisure Centre rules and staff instructions when given.

12. No Tadpole is allowed to sit on the pool edge unless accompanied by a Volunteer.

13. Safety drill must be observed.

14. The Committee will decide on any matter not covered by the preceding Club Rules.

15. The Club Rules and Constitution will only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting.

16. The Annual General Meeting is to be held during May.

17. A General Meeting can be called at the request of at least 10 members.

18. Accounts will be audited by one non-member of the Club.

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