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Safety Assessments

Executive Summary

To demonstrate that the residual risks to people when attending activities at Kings Centre Pool organised by The Tadpoles can be considered to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) and either Broadly Acceptable or Tolerable, an efficient and effective risk assessment of the equipment has been completed.

The results from the risk assessment show that a total of twenty-six hazards were identified. A breakdown of the twenty six risks shows that that there are:

  1. No Class A risks;

  2. No Class B risks;

  3. 13 Class C risks;

  4. 13 Class D risks.

The Safety Assessment Report concludes that on the completion of the recommendations, it is considered that the residual risk to people has the potential to be considered ALARP and either Broadly Acceptable or Tolerable.


Safety Responsibilities

To ensure that Tadpoles Swimming Club meet their legal obligations and demonstrate that the residual level of risk has attained a level considered ALARP and Broadly Acceptable or Tolerable or has the potential to meet ALARP targets this Safety Assessment Report has been completed.


Safety Objectives

The aim of this Safety Assessment Report is to allow Tadpoles Swimming Club to demonstrate that they have complied with the Safety Responsibilities identified above and to:

  1. Document the Safety Responsibilities of Tadpoles Swimming Club have been met, or where Safety Responsibilities have not been met, there is adequate alternative mitigation;

  2. Demonstrate that all applicable legislation, regulations, standards have been complied with, or where areas of non-compliance are identified, ensure adequate mitigations or equivalence is in place;

  3. Demonstrate that a Risk Management Process has been completed and the residual level of risk has been identified and assessed;

  4. Identify recommendations to ensure the future safety management of the equipment will be sustained.



For the purposes of bounding the Safety Assessment Report, the following assumptions have been agreed by each stakeholder:

  1. The equipments studied are representative of those that will be used during the Tadpoles Swimming Club activities;

  2. The equipment will only be deployed and used for those activities for which it is designed;

  3. Operation will only be carried out by trained people;

  4. The equipment will be correctly maintained.

Considered Risks cover the following areas:

  • Arrival and departure

  • Changing

  • Pool entry and exit

  • Pool activity

A Tadpole is a member of the Tadpoles Swimming Club who attends the Club to benefit from the water therapy services provided.

A Volunteer is a member of the Tadpoles Swimming Club who attends the club to provide support and assistance to the Tadpoles.

A Carer is the primary care-giver for a Tadpole, who attends the Club with the Tadpole in order to provide support and assistance to the Tadpole.

The Session Leader, who must be a volunteer member, is the individual who has responsibility for the overall management of a Tadpoles Swimming Club session.

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