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The Constitution

1. The aim of the club shall be to provide recreational swimming facilities, in a safe environment, for people of all ages with disabilities and diagnoses that could benefit from water therapy.

2. Membership is open to any person with disabilities and diagnoses that could benefit from water therapy and any person who is willing to help further the aims and activities of the club.

3. Definitions:

  • A Tadpole is a member of the Tadpoles Swimming Club who attends the Club to benefit from the water therapy services provided.

  • A Volunteer is a member of the Tadpoles Swimming Club who attends the Club to provide support and assistance to the Tadpoles.

NB: All volunteers must obtain a satisfactory DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Enhanced Disclosure before taking part in club activities, the cost of which may be borne by the Club.

  • A Carer is the primary care-giver for a Tadpole, who attends the Club with the Tadpole in order to provide support and assistance to the Tadpole.

  • The Session Leader, who must be a volunteer member, is the individual who has responsibility for the overall management of a Tadpoles Swimming Club session.

4. The Officers of the Club, who may be drawn from members, shall be:

  • a. Chairman

  • b. Vice-Chairman

  • c. Hon. Secretary

  • d. Hon. Treasurer

  • e. Club Protection Officer

5. The Committee shall be constituted of the Officers plus up to 5 members, and the club shall be managed by this committee.

6. All members shall have equal voting rights.

7. The members of the Committee shall be elected annually, at the Annual General Meeting.

8. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy not filled at the Annual General Meeting or falling vacant thereafter. The Committee shall also have the power to co-opt as required.

9. A quorum for a Committee meeting must be at least 50% of its members plus the Chair or their deputy.

10. The club is to be affiliated to the National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped (NASCH).

11. Any member not abiding by the Club Rules or behaving in a manner that contravenes any of the Club’s policies may be suspended or excluded from Club activities and may have their membership withdrawn. Only the Committee can make decisions relating to suspension, exclusion or withdrawal of membership.

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