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About Us

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Our Objective

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Our Committee

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The Constitution

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Club Rules

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Mission Statement

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Safety Assessments

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Our Objectives

The main aim and focus of the club is to provide recreational swimming facilities, in a safe environment, for people of all ages with disabilities and diagnoses that could benefit from water therapy.

The objectives of the club include:

  • Collaboration and co-operation : To actively interact with other organisations to promote best practice, develop and maintain working relationships and a network of mutual support.

  • User-focussed services : To provide services and facilities through consultation, liaison and benchmarking to provide facilities and activities the club members can be proud of.

  • Improvement : To constantly look for opportunities to be sensitive and responsive to changing needs and to be innovative in the development of facilities and activities.

  • Training and Development : To develop and maintain knowledge and skills by providing training opportunities at regular intervals in order to provide all the tools to enable everyone to improve and maintain personal and team development.

  • Support : To nurture an ethos of mutual emotional and physical support for all involved with the club, both during and outside of club activities.

  • Promotion : To promote a positive understanding of disabilities through education and best practice.

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