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A friendly Swimming Club for rehabilitation and the disabled

Providing assisted recreational swimming activities, in a safe environment, for people of all ages with disabilities or with diagnoses that could benefit from water therapy.

Welcome to Tadpoles Swimming Club


What we do

Our aim is to provide recreational swimming facilities, in a safe environment, for people of all ages with disabilities who could benefit from swimming and water therapy...


How we are funded

We are funded through generous donations from local business, Authorities and individuals. We need finance to pay for the provision and maintenance of equipment and facilities for our tadpoles...


How you can help

We are always looking for volunteers to join us in the pool or on poolside to assist our Tadpoles. If you would like to help but are unable to volunteer for any reason we are happy to accept donations...


How to join us

If you would like to join The Tadpoles Swimming Club as a swimmer or volunteer, you can download the application form or come along, by arrangement, to one of our club... 


What our Tadpoles and Volunteers say about us

I am a retired physiotherapist and was a volunteer helper at Tadpoles for nine years. I thoroughly enjoyed the time at Kings Centre on Thursday evenings. I worked in the water but concentrated on helping people with exercises and left the swimming to other helpers. The club is extremely friendly and often can be enjoyably, noisy and exuberant. I tried to attend fairly regularly but one is not obliged to as the emphasis is on it being a club and not a duty. Quite a few younger people help as volunteers as part of their “Duke of Edinburgh Badge” The club is run by some very lovely people.


Norma James

I have looked after 2 young men for a large number of years. Both of them have severe learning difficulties and it has been a challenge to find somewhere safe where they can go and have fun (especially the younger one). Tadpoles has been so great for both of them. A safe place where they are totally accepted and valued. We really value the volunteers that make this possible.


Julia Bradbury

My daughter Sophie has been attending Tadpoles from a young age. The Club has made a great impact on her life, helping with her mobility and social skills. She loves the water and thoroughly enjoys swimming every Thursday. The lovely helpers are always there to guide and assist and always manage to put a smile on everyone's face. The Club provides a safe environment for people with a variety of disabilities and we all appreciate everything they do.


Martin Thomas

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